Welome to the Animation Capital of the Experimental Future + Lynkronized (aka. Lynk) + Previously IVO + THE POWER OF TABLET ARTIST *boop*

Since it took me a VERY long time to get this site updated, a huge portion of new artworks
and such have been gathered up! Well most of it have been seen in my archives.

This site is still under construction, so this is a beta site with a few upcoming sections,
and stuff around here so, y'all can enjoy here. (as soon the site is finished.)

Happy "almost" Halloween folks, hope you enjoy with spooky stuff, treats, costumes, etc.
Also what's up everyone, just fixed the links in the animation section now that Dropbox links are obsolete
and now they're uploaded to MEGA, i may upload some more of my old and unreleased ones sooner,
hope you enjoy the patch! :3

Oh forgot to tell y'all something that i'll be going to the Sonic Expo next Saturday!
This is one of the Expo based on Sonic people would cosplay up as your favorite sonic character
and wear sonic t-shirts, buy some merchandise such as posters, keychains, pins, etc. from the alley,
and one big thing it would hype me up that i will be seeing Jason Griffith at the Expo! (my legend...!)
oh and also more 4Kids casts will show up such as Pete Capella, Mike Pollock, and Lisa Ortiz,
also we have our legend Ryan Drummond coming in the Expo!!! what a surprise right?!?!
and more hype i would expect to see like "Johnny Gioeli (the vocalist of Crush 40), ArionMiitoons
(who's developed a fan-film "Sonic Villains"), chaomix (a Sonic fan and a Youtuber who discuss
Video Games, Art, etc.!), Adrenaline Dubs (a talented group who dubbed the IDW Sonic comics),
and much more to come from!

So... i'll be waiting til' the time comes and pack my sonic things for the Expo by next Saturday
and it'll be a blast!!! and before you ask... no i am not showing my face at the Expo.

anyways... i'll be there soon!!! Oh and also Happy Halloween!!!


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